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Lynne Marks, President of London Image Institute

London Image Institute

Why clients choose me

Image booster

I help my clients to make a great first impression by working on their image,  confidence and charisma.

Colour analysis specialist

I create colour palettes for all people’s personal colouring. Customized palettes, not seasonal ones as most image consultants do.

Life challenging coach

I coach my clients to succeed at their life’s purposes, combining a powerful image with personal branding.

Group trainer

I train business groups to achieve their goals providing high competitive know-how and tools.

Content creator

Brands love my creative mind, elegance and capacity to surprise. I collaborate with the most famous beauty and fashion brands.

Fashion consultant

I work for brands and magazines. My knowledge spans from fashion history to the latest trends.

About me

Certified Image Consultant and Personal Development Coach, London Image Institute

I am a Certified Image Consultant graduated from the London Image Institute, the most important name in Image training, and a member of AICI (Association of Image Consultants International).

I have achieved top qualifications in Advanced Image Consulting, Personal Development and Advanced Colour Analysis.

With a profound passion for my job, I travel all over the word meeting with my clients located in different countries.

What they say about me is that my strength lies in the capability to work on their authenticity increasing their self-confidence and boosting their image in a natural and stimulating way.

After the consultation, my clients feel at their maximum potential, ready to reach their goals and empowered in their global image including appearance and personal branding.

As a corporate trainer, I design and deliver programs in image management, personal branding, fashion trends and forecasting, communications and presentation skills, business etiquette to companies working in the fashion and services industry.

My fashion and beauty brand work includes internationally acclaimed Clinique, Darphin, MAC, Smashbox and many others, providing original and creative digital contents.

After graduating in Economics, at the PhD level, with a research on women empowerment at the University of Southampton, I pioneered new frontiers that gave me the possibility to win the Marie Curie prize. Thanks to that, I worked with the most important economists in the field.

This was the beginning of my career that also covers new media and training for public and private organizations.

With over 15 years of experience, my strength is the ability to work with my clients and meet their needs effectively and successfully.

How I can help

Image boosting

I will work on your visual impact, making your image powerful, credible and effective. With a series of calculations and tests to determine your colours, style and beauty look.

Personal branding

Image is your brand. It is the whole package including appearance, behaviour and communication skills. I will help you stand out from the crowd and become unique.


My courses touch the inside of you, setting the starting point to succeed with your image. Training covers image, personal branding, fashion, communication and presentation skills.

Digital content

I will give your brand originality, creativity and elegance, according to your values and mission. This is what brands love about me. I am accurate, trustworthy and visionary.

My Testimonials Say

Rossella has many talents and skills. Her thoughtful approach combined with in-depth image consulting knowledge allow her clients to reach their life and work goals.
She delivers image strategies and offers all levels of group seminars in personal branding and executive presence. For the London Image Institute, she has created excellent material to guide students through the art and science of marketing their business through social media.

Lynne Marks, President of London Image Institute

I met Rossella in Paris. I was impressed by her elegance and creativity.
She is also visionary, full of ideas and very well organized. This allows her to run amazing international projects successfully.
She definitely delivers high-level services to her clients.

David Cocotier, Head of External and Internal Event Orange France

I met Rossella at the Milan Fashion Week. I was waiting for the Gucci show in a café near the Gucci hub, and then she just appeared in front of me.
Elegant wearing a black beret, red shirt, high waisted wide leg black trousers with red lips. But most of all I was impressed by her effortless chic. I was lucky to make a quick sketch of her. The portrait of Rossella was the first one I created last season and it was the moment we got to know each other.

Elena Ciuprina, Fashion Illustrator for Bulgari, Swarovski, Chanel

Elegant, extravagant, talented and never boring: these are just some of the adjectives suitable to describe the talented Rossella.
We have selected Rossella as our ambassador for her communication skills and tireless creativity; from her we always get high value content, far from the boring mainstream that we see today on social media. Beyond the professional world, I also love Rossella on a personal level because she is charismatic and truly inspiring.

Maide Barisciano, Italy Marketing Executive, Lookfantastic, THG

A true icon and a trend-setter, when I think of Rossella I think of minimalist chic. Just how does she make a pair of jeans, a white shirt and a pair of simple heels look so cool? A Style pro, Rossella sticks to a few key, quality pieces and wears them with confidence. And that’s what struck me the first time I saw her, and still what strikes me every time I see her, is how she exudes pure elegance. Inimitable and unashamedly stylish, she’s always been someone I looked up for style insights and new trends.

Aurora Rosselli, Cosmopolitan Patrol and Int. Award Winning Artist

As Rossella’s trainer, I found her to have a natural flair for colour and style; she excelled in meeting the Advanced Colour standards.

She has the ability to treat each client as an individual, to identify their needs and to offer effective solutions. I have no doubt that Rossella is totally committed to providing a firstclass, tailored service to her clients.
She delivers customized colour palettes, not seasonal ones and this makes the difference from the other image consultants.

Rosemarie Williams, Master Image Consultant