When we see someone, the initial split-second contact is eye-to-body. This means that we look at their clothes first.

Since our image represents us, we need to pay the utmost care to the way we dress in order to communicate who we are and what makes us special.

Looking good is important for us, we deserve it, and it is functional to our life and business goals.

Image is not superficial. Image is a means to success.

If people react positively to our appearance every time, we are considered trustworthy, professional and consistent.

On the other hand, to us, looking good means being more confident and ready for new challenges.

Image consulting activates a natural, profound and long lasting process.

If stylists provide their services on special occasions only, this is not all we do. We help our clients with their specific needs while always dealing with the person on the whole: appearance, behaviour and communication skills, from a scientific point of view.





Anyone who wants to boost his/her image. People ready for new challenges. People from different sectors: business, politics, TV, cinema. But also people without any public exposure seeking to renew and enjoy themselves.





I help my clients to make a great first impression by working on their image, confidence and charisma, and to achieve personal and business goals, through their complete image: appearance and personal branding.





My clients receive a set of bespoke and innovative services with a high level of accuracy:


Colour Analysis. It is the analysis needed to determine the most flattering colours for a client using a series of shades which represent the spectrum of undertone, light through dark and brightness to softness.

Colour Analysis concerns skin, hair and eyes and takes into account personality, lifestyle and emotional reactions to colours.

At the end of the analysis, my clients get a customised colour swatch folder with 30 colours: i.e. the 30 colours that flatter their natural colouring.

This is the most natural way to look younger, lifted and rested. Colours have a lifiting power on the face, enhance the complexion and eliminate shadows on the sides of nose and mouth and under the eyes.

All the colours included in the swatch book allow perfect mix and match solutions. This means having a versatile and distinctive wardrobe.

At the end of the consultation, the results obtained from Colour Analysis are included in a full report.

Furthermore, with respect to specific business goals, I explain to my clients how to combine colours in the corporate world in order to be more authoritative or approachable.

The customised palette is a highly qualified service based on a Colour analysis not related to the so-called seasons like most image consultants do. In other words, image consultants generally, during the consultation, group their clients into macro-categories, the seasons, and then provide a ready-made palette according to one of the four seasons. On the contrary, I work on a person’s uniqueness without any generalization.



Body analysis. It is the measurement of body, from head to toe, to evaluate proportions.

The scope is balancing every single part, face and body, to get a harmonious and effective image.

When we think we do not match the ideal body type, we concentrate on our figure faults. A more rational approach is to learn how to be ourselves at our best.

With Body analysis, my clients learn how to achieve this goal.

The information I acquire from Body analysis is reported in the consultation workbook that includes advice, camouflage techniques and a photo portfolio of the recommended outfits, accessories, makeup and hair look.

At the end of the consultation, my clients know how to dress and accessorize their whole image and what to include in their ideal wardrobe, saving time and money.

Body analysis, like Colour analysis, considers personality and lifestyle.


Style. Style is what we need if we want to be chosen. It is a means to enforce our message. When we talk, do others listen to us all the time? Is our wardrobe full of everything but nothing to wear when needed?

Our image in order to be reliable, credible and effective needs a well-defined style. In other words, style sends a message, more styles on the same person send different and confused messages. Being perceived in an unclear way means missing business opportunities because the message is not supported by the appearance.

Having a style does not mean wearing heels. Style is a more profound concept that creates the accordance between the inside and the outside.

It starts from within, at the soul level where uniqueness is i.e. emotions, dreams and needs.

With coaching techniques, I help my clients to identify their own style and make it powerful.

When I build their style I merge my findings from Colour and Body analysis with fabrics, colours, garment shapes and moods, accessories, hair and makeup. It is like composing a puzzle where each piece speaks the same language.


Wardrobe and clothing organization.  This service includes wardrobe inventory, creation of “capsules”, integration of the new clothing into the existing “capsules”, matching accessories and jewellery to outfits, selection of outfits for special events. It is the step which follows the previously mentioned services.

A functional and harmonious wardrobe cannot be created, without having established and studied colours, body analysis and style.

This ideal wardrobe is functional to images seeking to be solid and consistent as it saves time and money.


Additional services are shopping sessions, visits to the hairstylist, makeup tutorials, consultations for specific events.


Training. I design and develop courses for corporate groups on different topics. The best selling ones are on image consulting, personal branding, executive presence, how to combine colours with personal colouring, business etiquette, dress code, fashion trends and forecasting.

My knowledge comes from the London Image Institute, the world top-level school I attended to be certified in Advanced Image Consulting and Personal Development and from other prestigious schools which trained my eyes to recognize every single difference, even very little, among colours without reading the labels. And made me one of the few who know how to find the right colours for each persons’s colouring.

This allows me to provide highly competitive and innovative training programs. My clients appreciate their practical side and effectiveness. At the moment, one of my guides is part of the educational material used at the London Image Institute.


Personal branding. I help my clients to stand out from the crowd. To be chosen. To achieve this, visual impact is not enough. Working on brand values, communication and business etiquette is fundamental. The goal is making a difference, having a consistent image, online and offline, being a brand able to make a great first impression.


Digital contents. I have collaborations with brands such as Clinique, MAC, Smashbox, Darphin, Look Fantastic, Estée Lauder and many others. Brands say that I am creative, elegant, original and accurate. What I do for them is deliver a campaign on my social media (100k followers) and blog according to their brand values.


Fashion Consulting. I work with brands and magazines because of my knowledge on fashion that spans from fashion history to the latest, and niche, trends. Recently, I was featured on Grazia magazine for my personal style being mentioned among the international trendsetters.


If you are interested in my services, contact me and I will study a plan for you.